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記事No 278
タイトル Re^2: ベルベットムーンinパラオ
投稿日 : 2018/06/07(Thu) 22:46:43
投稿者 JK2ISR   <nasemu_us0522@hotmail.com>
参照先 https://www.qrz.com/db/JK2ISR
> What you are good hospitality do you have?
> It's a nice picture. The UW flag is a good idea It's so wonderful isn't it?
> Even friend who are on faraway island, the will have received your heart.
> Good for you. Ume-san.

Mr Homma san, thank you for your message.

The island of Palau is my 2nd territory.

want the crew before departure to enjoy on land.

In preparation for a severe voyage, they are should fill stomach and heart.

They are It was nice to have fun...drinking & eatting...)^o^(

DE Umesan is JK2ISR

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